Oxygen Arc Cutting process
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 Oxygen Arc Cutting process

Oxygen Arc Cutting - It is an oxygen cutting process wherein the severing/cutting of metals is effected by means of the chemical reaction of oxygen with the base metal at elevated temperatures, the necessary temperature being maintained by means of an arc between a consumable tubular electrode and the base metal.
The tubular electrode is a covered electrode with a small-diameter hale dawn through the centre through which oxygen is blown. This method of cutting is quite similar to oxy-acetylene cutting process, except that the heat is supplied by the electric arc.
Principle of Operation
A specially designed electrode holder is used to grip the tubular electrode and to pass through the electrode an oxygen stream. An arc is struck between the electrode and the metal to be cut. The oxygen valve an the electrode holder is then opened.

The oxygen passes through the hale in the electrode and impinges over (the area of) the metal (to be cut) heated by the arc action; and the cutting begins as in oxy acetylene cutting process.

Arc is maintained throughout the cutting operation. During cutting, the electrode gradually consumes because of the intense heat at the place of cut. For oxy arc cutting, the current values are approximately the same as for welding, but a higher voltage (30-45 volts) is usually employed.

Equipment Required
(i) An AC or DC power source,
(ii) A special electrode holder,
(iii) Covered/uncovered tubular electrodes,
(iv) Oxygen cylinder, pressure regulator and hose,
(v) Safety devices such as helmet, gloves etc.

(i) Oxygen arc process is primarily used in under water cutting applications.
(ii) It can cut, pierce and gouge the metals.
(iii) It is not well suited for cutting non-ferrous metals.

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